Developing And Maintaining Social Skills.

People often speculate on why their dog becomes aggressive.

In most cases, the answer is simple: it’s in every territorial animal’s nature. Dogs are innately geared to be social with their own pack, but territorial and hostile towards intruders. It is common for a dog that tolerates familiar dogs, becomes fearful and aggressive in the dog park among unfamiliar dogs. Sometimes even towards human strangers – mainly men.

The best way to ensure that your dog will be friendly towards everybody is to socialise it with strangers during the critical period of development (‘early childhood’) between 8-14 weeks. For most dogs, it is necessary to maintain their social skills. If they are kept away from other dogs or continuously distracted with ball play in the dog park, they often revert to their nature and become aggressive towards unfamiliar dogs again. Read about Kira’s Aggression Rehab Camp here…