Canine Behaviour Expert, Kira Ryle, specialises in urban pet dogs. Her pioneering training method, the Canine Code, reflects the shared ethological pattern of human and canine relationships. Providing presentations, private consultations, workshops and rehabilitation programs, Kira turns around even the most hopeless and unhappy stories. Kira believes that every dog deserves a chance and that their best chance is a well trained owner.
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What is the Canine Code?

The Canine Code is a formula for creating house rules for your dog that demonstrate that you are in charge.

You can continue to love and live with your dog exactly how you want to, because the house rules can be designed to suit any lifestyle.

If your current manner is undermining your authority, the introduction of our simple formula will help build it up instead.

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How is it different from traditional dog training?

Standard dog training relies on the classic punishment and reward system. The Canine Code on the other hand gains a dog’s respect and willingness to please from the nature of your relationship.

The more respect that you earn from your dog, the less your control will rely on sticks and carrots.

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How does it work?

The Canine Code explains the social dynamics of a dog pack and how dogs negotiate their pecking order.

The fundamental strategy of their power play is to control everything the other dogs want.

Dogs instinctively do this without training or correction. Even as a puppy they attempt to control you by taking control of something that you want- such as getting you to play chase by stealing your shoe.

Are you in control of the things that are important to your dog? Or do you offer valuable things like your attention, access to the house and ball play as if on a self-serve buffet?

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Will the method suit me and my dog?

The Canine Code is suitable for every pet dog that spends time inside the house.

It is easy to individualize the training program through a process of identifying your specific goals and your dog’s motivators.

The system is based on natural canine behaviour, so your dog already knows it, and will instantly respond to it.

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What is required?

Nothing you don’t already have. The training is a process of taking control of your daily routine at home and in the dog park.

The Canine Code is easy to understand and simple to implement.

It is equally applicable, suitable and valuable to new dog owners with no prior experience, as is is to veteran dog owners, who already have a preferred training style.

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How can I get started?

Give us a call! It won’t cost you anything to discuss with us, what’s the best training program for you.

Read more about how we apply the Canine Code on our blog page.

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