How to pick the best dog minder…

  • First consider, ‘what is important to you and your dog?’ If your dog is very young or a small delicate breed, then I’m sure it would prefer a home-like environment with a couch, a human and lots of cuddles. If your dog is a large breed teenager with lots of confidence, energy and a keen interest in ‘gardening’, then a high class kennel with lots of play mates and play space might be just the right thing.
  • Always ask for a Meet&Greet before you make a committed choice. You should be checking out the physical environment, the aparent happiness of the dogs on the venue and certainly, your intuitive feeling about the actual minders.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for regular photos/ Facebook updates. Most minders offer that as a standard service and its your way to check that your dog is taken for the walks/ play sessions that were promised by the minders.


Bayside Dog Lounge
Doggie daycare, dog walking and pet minding facility. Call Mark to find out more: 0409 158 033
Henry’s One-on-one Dog Minding Service
For small quiet dogs who prefer to enjoy pampering in solitude.
Call Henry to find out more: 0410 660 399
Ask your dog’s breeder
Many breeders offer holiday boarding for their ‘own’ off-spring