Building Up Your Leader Status With Effective House Rules.

By applying a clever set of house rules to the way you do your everyday tasks, you can build up your status as the alpha pack leader. However, most people’s routine undermines their position in their dog’s eyes.

By making sure that you can walk through doors while your dog stands back, put the food bowl down on the ground without getting pushed aside, and snap the leash on and off while your dog sits down, you won’t have to change your activities in the day. The difference will be in how you do them.

You’ll find that, if you want to, you can allow your dog up on the couch, let it run free in the dog park or pick it up in your arms … in fact there’s nothing you can’t do – if you know how to do it in the right way.

The Canine Code is the formula for how to get it right. Read more about it here…