Kira the Dog Whisperer featured on television

Dog whisperer in Melbourne on Danish TV

Want to be a fly on the wall and watch a canine behaviour session? Here’s a chance to get a peek of a dog whisperer in action.

Denmark’s national TV station aired a program featuring Kira as a Danish dog whisperer living downunder. Popular Comedian, Jan Gintberg, tagged along with Kira as they visited Murphy, a Wheaten Terrier that really doesn’t like visitors coming into the house.

By design, dogs instinctively do not let strangers enter their den. Just like Murphy, their natural reaction is to bark and try to intimidate the intruder to go away. If you want your dog to greet visitors politely, then you will need to show your dog that you are in charge of deciding who’s welcomed into the house. Hence your dog’s participation is never necessary.
Click on the image below to see how things went when Jan and Kira visited Murphy.