You can attend a class or a private session of dog training and do your best to absorb all the new the information on the spot -or you can fast track.

By supplying you with information already before our first face-to-face session, you get a chance to absorb the basic information, write down questions and practice practical exercises in preparation. This fast tracks your learning significantly and helps you achieve a much more advanced goal -without extra cost. Kira aims to achieve the best result possible for you, fast and cost effectively.

There will be certain things that are unique to you and your puppy’s situation, but many issues -and their solutions- are generic to all dog owners. Kira calls these the ‘pantry items’, because although all dishes require their own combination of ingredients, they all need you to have salt, pepper and oil in the pantry. Kira’s pre-consultation and pre-class videos will give you an understanding of what is generic and what is unique about your circumstances.

You might be fatigued by watching videos on Youtube and perhaps disheartened about their content. Those videos are designed to leave you hungry for more. Don’t worry, Kira’s videos get straight to the point and deliver practical, easy-to-implement instructions. We are in the business of helping you fast track and make the most out of our time together.

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