How to pick the best vet...

  • Does the vet and the rest of the staff communicate in a friendly way that leaves you feeling well informed?
  • Is the vet calm and confident? Does he/she seem able to create a good rapport with your dog?
  • Does the clinic have a good reputation in the dog park?
  • Does the clinic have the expertise to offer any specialist services or surgery?
  • Does the vet offer the most modern type of puppy vaccination, completing the course already at 10-11 weeks after only two shots?


Bayside Animal Medical Centre 103 Were Street, BRIGHTON
Ph: 9592 4700
Albert Park & Elwood Veterinary Clinics 116 Ormond Road, ELWOOD
Ph: 9531 1771
John the Vet 166 Jasper Road, BENTLEIGH
Ph: 9563 9710
(Alternative & Standard Medicine) East West Vet 565 South Road, BENTLEIGH
Ph: 95551899