About Canine Code

A dog as a pet is a joy to have in the house but only if it is obedient and toilet trained. A problematic dog is more of a liability than a loving addition to the family. And helping owners have such a pet around the house is Kira Canine Code.

Kira Ryle of Canine Code is an expert in canine behaviour. She has pioneered training methods that seeks to highlight human canine relationships through mutual respect rather than usual obedience training. Even the most uncompromising canine behaviour is turned around by Kira Ryle through specialised and unique techniques. It focuses on creating and structuring house rules that make the dogs aware that the owner is in charge of the surroundings.

This methodology has a distinct advantage too. Your pet will adjust to any lifestyle that you choose to set for your pet. This will help build up a harmonious relationship between you, your pet and your house rules, furthering a strong bond of love and affection between the two of you.

Today, Kira Ryle and Canine Code is the much preferred option for those who want their dogs to get the best of training. Apart from this, Canine Code also offers puppy boarding, puppy classes and home schooling.

Onestopmedia and Canine Code

Kira Ryle and Canine Code today is a household name in the dog training sector. But it took a lot of effort to come to this stage, simply because it is a specialised field that caters to dog owners only. Additionally there are also many players in this area.

At the initial stages, business for Kira Ryle was not taking off as much as it should have. It was then that she approached Onestopmedia, a leading local SEO company to chalk out a marketing strategy for her. Our team of experts first made a thorough study of her website and found that she had a very poor online presence. This meant lost business opportunities as most people now search online for goods and services before arriving at a purchase decision.

We first focussed on increasing online visibility of her website through customised local SEO techniques. This meant amongst others keyword research and incorporating the most relevant ones in the content of the website. We also carried out an intense marketing campaign on social media platforms to increase awareness of the local population that Canine Code primarily catered to. Our local SEO strategies highlighted location and all contact information of Canine Code on major search engines.

Within a very short period of time, there was a boost to traffic to her site which resulted in more queries, conversions and business. Today Kira Ryle is a well known name amongst dog lovers and owners.

About Onestopmedia

Onestopmedia is a top of the line local SEO company based in Melbourne offering optimised online digital marketing campaign strategies and website design and development. Our team of professionals use the latest tools and techniques and this enables us to give our clients consistent and guaranteed results.

As part of local SEO we adopt SEM, SMM and other strategies to meet client’s specific requirements. We also offer periodical reports so that clients can track the progress of their campaign, know its effectiveness and estimate ROI on their market spends.